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Restoring Hammond Library after Pipe Burst Leaves Water Damage

stashpropertyWater Damage

Stash Property Restoration, a leading provider of water damage restoration services, recently completed a successful water mitigation project at the Hammond Public Library in Indiana. On Christmas Day, a frozen overhead sprinkler system pipe burst, causing significant damage to the library’s carpeting, drywall, lighting, ceiling tiles, and electrical systems. However, thanks to the prompt response and expert work of the Stash Property Restoration team, the library was able to minimize the damage and prevent further deterioration.

When the library staff discovered the water damage, they knew they needed to act fast to prevent further damage and deterioration. They contacted Stash Property Restoration, a company well-known for its professional and efficient water damage cleanup services. The Stash team arrived promptly and immediately assessed the water damage to determine the severity, identified any hazards that may have been present, and noted what could be restored. They also helped the library staff stop the source of the damage if necessary.

The Stash team got to work immediately by thoroughly extracting the water from the library using powerful professional-grade pumps and extraction units. This process helped prevent the spread of water to additional areas in the structure and reduced drying time so restoration could begin more quickly. They also removed damaged materials that could not be restored to its pre-water condition in order to speed up the drying of all restorable materials.

After removing the water, the Stash team then cleaned, sanitized and deodorized the affected areas to prevent mold growth and eliminate any unpleasant odors. They used specially formulated commercial products and cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure a thorough cleanup.

The final step in the water mitigation process was the drying process. Drying is a critical component of water mitigation services, as failure to dry a property thoroughly can lead to further problems such as structural damage, damage to personal property, and mold growth. The Stash team set up professional-grade drying equipment in the affected areas and monitored the process daily to ensure that the library was drying effectively and efficiently.

Throughout the process, the Stash team kept in constant communication with the library staff, updating them on the progress and answering any questions they had. They were always available to address any concerns and provide guidance on what to expect next. The library staff appreciated the team’s transparency and professionalism.

Finally, after several weeks of hard work, the Stash team completed the water mitigation project at the Hammond Public Library. The library was now free of water and ready for repairs and construction. The library staff was thrilled with the results and couldn’t believe how well the Stash team had done. The water damage had been extensive, but thanks to the team’s prompt response and expert work, the library was able to minimize the damage and prevent further deterioration.

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself in a situation where water damage has occurred, don’t hesitate to call Stash Property Restoration. They are experts in water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire and smoke damage restoration. They will respond quickly, assess the damage, and take the necessary steps to minimize the damage and prevent further deterioration, so that you can get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

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