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Water Damage Restoration in Portage, IN

Water damage restoration after pipe leak. Entire bathroom was renovated.
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Water damage restoration after pipe leak. Entire bathroom was renovated.


Portage, IN


Experts in Water Damage Restoration and Bathroom Renovations – Project Overview

Water Damage Restoration and Bathroom Renovation

At Stash Property Restoration, we recently completed a project that involved restoring water damage and completely renovating a bathroom. In this project, we replaced all fixtures, the vanity, sinks, toilet, and tub/shower, and updated them to a modern style.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

The first step of this project involved assessing the extent of the water damage caused by the pipe leak. We carefully removed any damaged materials and thoroughly dried the affected area to prevent any further damage or mold growth. Once the area was completely dry, we began the restoration process.

Tile Wall Removal and Replacement

In order to properly restore the affected area, our team at Stash Property Restoration had to remove the tile walls and replace them with drywall. This not only addressed any water damage that may have occurred, but also allowed for a fresh canvas to create a brand new bathroom design.

Fixture and Vanity Replacements

To update the bathroom to a modern style, we replaced all fixtures including faucets, showerhead, towel racks, and toilet paper holder. Additionally, we installed a new vanity that perfectly complemented the overall design.

Sinks, Toilet, and Tub/Shower Updates

The final touches of the project included the installation of a new sink, toilet, and tub/shower. We ensured that they were all functioning properly and efficiently before completing the project.

At Stash Property Restoration, we take pride in our water damage restoration and bathroom renovation services. Contact us today for your restoration needs!

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Portage, IN

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