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3 Story Roofing Project in Calumet City, IL

This 3 story structure suffered high wind damage from recent storms in the area leading to numerous blown off shingles.
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This 3 story structure suffered high wind damage from recent storms in the area leading to numerous blown off shingles.


Calumet City, IL


Witness the expertise of Stash Property Restoration as we tackle a challenging 3-story roofing project in Calumet City, IL. Our comprehensive roofing services not only address storm-induced damage but also showcase innovative solutions to ensure the safety and integrity of the structure.

Weathering the Storm: High Wind Damage and Water Intrusion

Explore the aftermath of recent storms in Calumet City, IL, where a 3-story structure faced significant high wind damage, leading to numerous blown-off shingles. The resulting gaps allowed water to intrude, causing additional damage within the property. Stash Property Restoration’s strategic approach and swift action were crucial in mitigating further harm.

Aerial Precision: Drone Technology for Thorough Inspection

Discover how Stash Property Restoration utilized cutting-edge aerial drone photography for a comprehensive roof inspection. Our team captured detailed images of all damages, enabling us to formulate a precise and effective plan for restoration. This innovative approach ensured no aspect of the damage went unnoticed, especially considering the height of the structure.

Safeguarding Against Further Damage: Swift Tarping Solutions

Learn how Stash Property Restoration prioritized preventing additional water damage and leaks. Before initiating the re-roofing process, our team swiftly and safely tarped the roof, ensuring the interior of the property remained protected during the restoration period.

Navigating Insurance Claims with Expertise

Understand the intricacies of negotiating and finalizing insurance claims with Stash Property Restoration. Our experienced team seamlessly guided the process, ensuring that all necessary steps were taken to secure the best outcome for our client.

Precision Re-Roofing: Safety at the Forefront

Experience the re-roofing phase with Stash Property Restoration, where safety measures took center stage. Our team utilized fall protection harnesses and adhered to the highest safety standards throughout the installation, providing peace of mind for both our team and the client.

Choose Stash for Unparalleled Roofing Solutions

When it comes to roofing challenges, Stash Property Restoration stands tall. Trust us for innovative solutions, advanced technology, and a commitment to safety. Contact us today to explore how our roofing services can safeguard your property and elevate its resilience.

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Calumet City, IL

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