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Deck Replacement in Lakes of the Four Seasons

35+ year old wooden deck was fully replaced. Deck was rebuilt with synthetic boards and modern metal railings.
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35+ year old wooden deck was fully replaced. Deck was rebuilt with synthetic boards and modern metal railings.


Crown Point, IN


The Challenge – Stash Property Restoration’s Top-Quality Deck Replacement Project

Stash Property Restoration took on the challenge of replacing a 35+ year old wooden deck with synthetic boards and modern metal railings. The project encompassed a wrap-around 2nd story deck, 2 staircases, and a full walkway leading to a boat dock.

Premium Synthetic Boards

Stash Property Restoration opted to use premium synthetic boards for this project. Not only do they provide a high level of protection against moisture and insects, but they also feature a beautiful wood-grain look that adds aesthetic value to the property.

Sleek and Modern Metal Railings

In line with the client’s vision, Stash Property Restoration incorporated sleek and modern metal railings into the design. The metal railings not only add a stylish element to the deck, but they are also durable and low-maintenance.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Stash Property Restoration left no stone unturned when it came to this project. Every inch of the property was carefully considered and constructed to ensure the utmost quality in craftsmanship.

Full Walkway to the Boat Dock

Stash Property Restoration also constructed a full walkway leading down to the boat dock. The walkway is not only functional but also adds a luxurious touch to the property.

Experience Matters

With over three decades of experience in property restoration, Stash Property Restoration has the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver top-quality results.

A Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Stash Property Restoration is dedicated to ensuring that every project is not only beautifully constructed but also meets the needs and desires of their customers.

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Contact Stash Property Restoration for your next deck replacement project. Their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and focus on customer satisfaction make them the ideal choice for any property restoration needs.

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Crown Point, IN

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